Panasonic Progammable Controller FP-X

High performance compact terminal block type controller
Wide selection of add-on cassettes allows space-saving use of the controller for a variety of purposes

High Performance

  1. High-Speed Operation
    32-bit RISC processor, scan time is 2ms or less for 5000 steps
  2. Large Capacity Program Memory
    Equipped with 32k steps*² program memory (*2 C14: 16k steps)
  3. Independent Comment Memory
  4. Maximum Number of I/O points
    Since up to 8 expansion units can be connected to 1 control unit, the maximum number of I/O points is 300


  1. Up to 3 channels
  2. Ethernet
  3. Modbus-RTU
  4. PLC link
  5. MEWTOCOL-COM master/slave
  6. General purpose serial communications

Product Line Up

  1. Control unit: 18 types
  2. Expansion unit: 9 types
  3. 43 combinations (number of I/O points)
  4. Add-on cassette: 16 types

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