Panasonic Simple Vector Control Inverter VF200 Series

Use Vector Control to Output Higher Torque at Low-Speed

Higher torque can be generated at low-medium speed (1Hz→150%) by making use of our Panasonic’s original vector control technology. Equipment with great fluctuation in loads and requiring a sufficient starting torque, for example, conveyor belts and turntables on which there are large numbers of semi-finished products, can be operate smoothly. In addition, the vector control technology also plays a significant role in the operation of the canned foods caulking machines, punching machines, injection molding machines, as well as other machines that require low-speed torque. Inverter with higher capacity is not needed in this case.

Apply Large-Scale Operation Panel to Further Improve the Operability

  • Highly visible 7-segment large format display
  • Ease-to-use large volume knob
  • Easy recognizable operation key

Detachable Operation Panel

  • Parameter can be easily copy to another unit
  • Have a dimension of 72mm×72mm; it is attractive even if it is mounted on the panel surface
  • Standard LAN cables (max. 5m), which can be bought easily from the market, are used to realize the connection between the operation panel and the host. It has the characteristics of ease purchase and affordable price

Equip with Standard RS485 Serial Communication Interface

  • Can control up to 31 VF200 units via the RS485 serial communication lines. VF200 is also installed with two protocols: Modbus-RTU and MEWTOCOL that allow control, data collection /monitoring via computer or PLCs
  • The FP series PLCs produced by our Company support both Modbus-RTU and MEWTOCOL

Corresponding Functions for Wire Winding Machines

  • Repeated operation around the Winding Spindle
    The winding mode control function operates at the frequencies of a triangle wave as shown below
  • New Operation Module
    • Random Swing Mode
      Can effectively prevent the accumulation of wires at the same point
    • Winding Wire Length Stop Mode
      It will automatically stop after the length of the winding wire had accumulated to the specified value
    • Pulse Input Controlled length Calculation Mode
      Easily indicate the accumulated length of the winding wire, and the results can be transmitted
    • Two-point Mode
      The reference frequency can be ultimately changed to a secondary frequency with the smooth running of the winding wire

Incorporate with Output Short-Circuit Protection Circuits

  • VF200 can detect an over-current resulting from a short circuit due to a fault in the electric motor as a result of over-load, in this case, it will instantaneously disconnect the output to protect the circuit, and therefore, you can rest assured that it is safe.

Equip with High-speed Current Limiting Protection function

  • VF200 will not trip and keep operating even if instantaneous overcurrent is caused by a change in loads, thus improve the productivity. It is also applicable to the rapid increase in the speed of a heavy turntable and the stirring of materials with a higher viscosity such as bread and noodles

Highly Flexible Installation & Maintenance

Flexible-Installatiion-_-Maintenance1  Flexible-Installatiion-_-Maintenance2

Use the small-sized PLC [FP-X] and VF200 of Our Company to control the tank pump pressure


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