Panasonic Compact Inverter VF0


Compactness of best level has been achieved in response to request for space-saving. The dimensional size is only 40% to 50% of our past product. (The width of the 400V series does not includes the mounting part).

Easy to operate

Newly applied volume-switch makes operation easier. Foward/reverse run direction can be set with operation panel.

Frequency Control with PLC is Possible

Frequency control for motors is possible with PWM Signal from PLC. Moreover, it can be used with Panasonic PLC (FP0 etc.) without analog I/O unit.

Compact Size with All Function

  • 8-speed control braking function
  • Retry function
  • Function of setting the function increase/decrease and storage according to external SW input
  • Regenerative brake function 400V series: brake circuit built in 200V series: 0.4 to 1.5kW resistor built in (No brake resistor for 0.2kW circuit, for 0.4kW circuit, brake resistor for external setting supplied in the same packaging)
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